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The commercial real estate market is close to the residential real estate market, especially new buildings. Today, this is the most attractive area for investment, which quickly brings income and takes business to a new level. Paul Turovsky is engaged in the purchase of a commercial real estate in Florida. He is a realtor with 15 years of experience who combines analytical thinking and tactful communication in his practice.

A new type of activity in the real estate market is the establishment of apartment hotels. This type of business is based on the fact that the hotel manager is not the owner of the hotel rooms. Instead, the owners of the hotel rooms in an apartment hotel are separate individuals or legal entities who invested funds in its construction and received the right of ownership of leisure property after the completion of construction.

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Investing in hotels for sale is quite profitable. After all, when buying an apartment, the real estate owner receives a permanent passive income, and the funds invested in the apartment purchase are returned in a fairly short period (6-10 years). Thus, by buying apartments in an apartment hotel, an investor not only saves his funds from depreciation but also becomes a full-fledged investor who earns from the purchased real estate and receives a guaranteed income. At the same time, such agreements should always be implemented in brokerage with a professional realtor who understands the current market indicators and a legally qualified specialist who will help understand the intricacies of the legislation.

Paul Turovsky is a broker who is chosen for his ability to create strategic business partnerships and relationships to leverage his business acumen for the benefit of his clients and partners. His competence includes work with:

Risks for buyers of hospitality real estate

The request for "property near me" is always accompanied by certain risks for the buyer. However, an experienced realtor can help make the right choice by relying on the analysis of financial and economic indicators. Paul Turovsky has all the tools to take into account the influencing factors existing in the real estate market in order to buy a hotel with maximum benefit and with full legal support. You will receive expert advice, detailed calculation, search for suitable options for the purchase of an object, remote collection and preparation of documents, constant feedback, open negotiation of terms, and conclusion of a contract in the cooperation process. The client only needs to sign the agreement. Are you ready to cooperate? Then write to us or call the number indicated on the website.

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